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Located on Riverside Drive, these Townhouses are walking distance to many amenities. It is with no doubt that finding new homes at an affordable price point is only going to get increasingly harder as Wellington City’s population grows.

External & Internal Quality.

Quality is paramount in our properties and only the best products are going into the construction and fit-out of our developments. Starting with an engineered gravel base and concrete raft foundation, then laminated veneer framing, coupled with double glazed windows, solid air barriers, upgraded glass wool insulation, which is guaranteed for 70 years and aerated concrete intertenancy walls. Finishing with European tiles, washable paint and upgraded magnesium oxide flooring, giving the first floor that concrete feel. All our products are purchased from large industry-leading companies, to ensure reliability and quality.

Better Building.


Gravel Raft
Soils are stripped down and replaced with compacted gravel, the entire process is signed off and overseen by an engineer.


Engineered Slab
Constructed on top of the gravel raft an engineered slab provides the benefits of the concrete foundation sitting on the ground instead of in it.


LVL Frames
LVL stands for laminated veneer lumber, LVL timber is dimensionally accurate, straighter and meets or exceeds equivalent stress tests when compared to standard SG8 and SG10 pine framing.


Plywood Flooring
Manufactured from sustainably grown New Zealand Pine, plywood flooring has improved structural benefits when compared with particle board flooring and feels fantastic to walk on.


With warm dry homes being paramount for our construction methodology, we use a R3.6 ceiling batt with an R2.2 ceiling blanket on top, providing nearly double the building code requirements.


Hebel Intertenancy Wall
Hebel Powerpanel XL is made out of aerated concrete and provides fantastic acoustic and fire-resistant properties.


Solid Air Barrier
It is no surprise that the building code requires a solid air barrier in extra high wind zones, when compared to building paper a solid air barrier offers a more robust cavity and extra structural bracing on the home.


LVL I-Joists
Manufactured from sustainably grown New Zealand Pine, LVL I-joists are half the weight of conventional softwood joists and are straight, uniform and dimensionally stable.

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